Animate Learning

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am a nerd for all creative pruduction. Some years ago I got hooked on animation. I was already an Adobe Suite nerd and I wanted to make things move. I struggled to learn Toon Boom, a somewhat sophisticated animation software. After many hours of fun, my pruduction was low… only a couple of walking men and a truck bumping along a road. Life went on and Disney did not call.

Last year I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop offered in our school board through a partnership between Learn Quebec and Toon Boom. The software we used was a beginner version of Toon Boom called Flip Boom Alstar (Flip Boom Classic is also available).

At the end of the workshop, we all produced mini animations. The ideas were flying on how to integrate this into classrooms. Here is what I made furing the workshop.

Check out Learn Quebec’s blog post about the workship in June 2012 and see some of the work of teachers and students.

Price Point: $49 for personal license … Worth it!
Go and check it out for free right here!

Check out a quick tutorial here.

This is a tool that works best with a tablet tool for drawing directly. Bamboo pen tablets are popular and start at under $100.

Check out this kid’s review of flipboom:

Animation is great for Daily 5 routines, media lessons as well as production evaluation. Teachers use it as a tool for creating interesting lessons (if they have time on their hands). As a teacher, you can require students to add recorded dialogue to the animation and use it as C3 oral production evaluation (Quebec Curriculum link).

Another bonus is that a teacher does not even have to teach students how to use this program, they will figure it out in less time that the teacher will take to explain how to open a new file.
Check out what this 7yr old produced:

And it can be free! There are many open source software programs and online tools to allow anyone to try animation.

As Jackie Gerstein writes in her blog “My ultimate goal for using technology in education is having students love learning and creating.” Her blog offers a hug list of open source and online animation tools that can be used in the classroom. She even offers curriculum links for projects.


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