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Posted: March 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

While searching for inspiration, I came across a presentation about mythical creatures made by someone .prezi logo It caught my attention because it zoomed in and out as I clicked through the topic. I immediately wanted to know more. So as soon as I completed the assignement I was working on (9 hours later?) I googled Prezi..

It was super easy to make a free account. This gives you about 10 prezentations for free but they have to be public and prezi essentially owns them. I then chose a theme from about 40 different options. The working page is familiar with a navigation column on the left and overall mangement choices on the top right. All I needed to do was click on the text boxes and insert my text. The text styles, graphics and placements were already there.
prezi screen 2

For my first presentation I fiddled for about 15 min to complete a basic 6 step format with no extras. I then lost the entire thing by viewing the presentation and clicking “back”. Great! However, the re-creation of my 6 step presentation only took me about 5 min. The only downside was that when I went back to try and imbed it in this blog, Prezi said I have not Prezis!!! But it still exists online, just not on my account. Wierd… more to learn!
Click here to check out my Prezi!

Here is a demo Prezi I build to show my Secondary 4 Practicum class the application. I am hoping they will try and use Prezi for their upcomming project presentation.

If you already have content in Powerpoint format, you can import it into Prezi and it will place each slide in a topic box.  Kevin Claveria writes a blog about marketing and he recommends to his followers to use Prezi for more impact. He even has a Prezi online resume to market himself and his services.

For a teacher, there are Prezis that are already there… and are really well done. There is no need to create content that you can just click on and use as added inserts for your class. Check out this one about social media.
Social Media 101 –

The movement of the ideas keeps the audience engaged and wondering what is coming next. Prezi also has creative audio options for presentations. You can have audio connected to each slide that moves in, or for the entire Prezi. Prezi allow you to insert videos, images and symbols to enhance the topic.

prezi logo

A teacher could use prezi as a tool but even better… introduce it to the students and they can easily transform their own ideas into fun, zooming shows. We have finally moved beyond the text effects as the only what to make a presentation interesting! Students can tell stories, present ideas, share information and explore their creativity. Paul hill thinks that Prezi is the way to go for presentations to students, however he cautions about over-using the rotate functions beause your students will get wise to the gimick or just get seasick!

There are a few critics who think Prezi is  a gimick.. but hey, prezi makes it fun.  Itsn’t that the meaning of it all? You really have to see it to understand how excited I am about Prezis!

And I am not the only one who is prezi crazy in this class….  Marianne writes a more humorous account of prezi than I ever could.  Sebastien has a very clean and business like take on prezi.  I am always amazed that we are writing about the same topics, but have completely different links and references… but essentially the same opinions!


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